Many of us have cell phones, voice mail, and e-mail. With these we can contact others virtually anywhere in the world, at nearly any time we want to.  Likewise, we are open to receive a message from a variety of sources – some unwanted.  Even with all of these devices, though, do we actually feel closer to each other than we did previously?


         One survey asked a group of church members what was their first reaction when they encountered a crisis situation.  Basically the question centered on the question “Do you call a friend or call God?”   An overwhelming majority first choice was to call a friend!!  When asked to explain their choice, the most common response was if they called a friend that they would get needed feedback whereas with God, their calls were basically unheeded!!   While it is true that getting a verbal response from God is rare, Scripture does record God talking with Abraham, Moses, Jesus at His baptism, and Paul on the road to Damascus.                                 


Does it mean that calling a friend rather than God is the best choice?