READ:  Luke 12:16-21


But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all those other things will be given to you as well.   Matthew 6:33 (NIV)



          As we approached the T in the road, two signs became visible.  One in large letters read Cemetery and the other posted immediately below it said Dead End.  We smiled at the irony of the messages but then pondered how true that message might be for some of its residents and probably how they never realized it until it was too late.


          Scripture is clear that at some point the final day will be coming and at that time opportunities to seek another chance will not be granted.  (Matthew 25: 11-18; Luke 16:26-31)  The message is that we should be prepared!


          Strangely, in other areas of our lives, we make quite elaborate efforts to plan ahead. We attempt to preserve and protect our financial well being by purchasing all types of insurance to protect us from almost every conceivable loss.  Further, we even may consult a financial planner to assure our comfort and security during our Golden Years.


          Our concern for personal fitness and health prompts us to devote time to dieting, exercising and avoiding substances harmful to our bodies.  Most of us have adequate health insurance to assure we will be able to obtain the best in treatment for our future physical ailments.  Many of us also have Living Wills to provide guidance for our care if the time comes we are unable to physically or mentally make these decisions for ourselves.


          One would surmise that many of those interred in the cemetery also had made prudent provisions for their lives and well being and there is certainly nothing wrong with doing so!  However, I wonder how many of us may someday be interred next to a sign declaring Dead End because we neglected to take measures in our lifetime to prepare for our spiritual lives.   We struggle to obtain all kinds of insurance to preserve and protect our life in this world but frequently neglect the essential insurance available to us only through Jesus Christ.