READ:  Joshua 4:1-9

          And Laban said (to Jacob) “This heap (of stones) is a witness between you and me this day…” (Genesis 31:48 (NASB)



          Scripture records numerous instances when people set up special stones of remembrance to mark God’s action in their lives.  Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Samuel, and the elders of Israel oftentimes set up stones to remind them and future generations as to what God had done for them and their people.



          Whether we realize it or not almost every home has at least one area set aside for visual reminders of what is considered important to its residents.  Often individual rooms have their own display reflecting the values of its inhabitants.  These exhibits provide clues as to what its occupant considers significant—those things that sustain or add meaning    to their lives.  Our own “altars” may hold a variety of objects such as statues, medals, awards, religious symbols and paintings---each in their own way commemorating what is considered to be sacred, significant, beautiful or indispensable to our spiritual strength.  We look to these collections for nourishment, for courage and to remind us what we treasure and whom or what we love as well as who we are.



          Frequently, not much thought was devoted as to which items were placed in these displays.  They are often a hodgepodge of items collected during our lifetime and which seemed important as this but since have lost their significance or meaning.  Maybe some house cleaning is in order!!  Could the objects be arranged in such a way that the “altar” becomes a site to remind us of something we may have forgotten—an area that encourages reflection on who we are and to whom we belong? 



          What items would you place on your “altar” to more clearly reflect your values and your relationship to God?