READ: Philippians 4:6-7



Let Him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about

  you and watching everything that concerns you. I Peter 5: 7 (Living Bible)



          It was one of those days wherein everything seems to go wrong.  The electricity had gone off during the night and I was running late.  I grabbed a fast breakfast; went to brush my teeth and discovered that I put Brylcreme on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste.  As I was tying my shoe, a good portion of the lace came off in my hand.  I scurried around trying to locate another lace but was unable to find one of the right color.  I rushed out the door bumping the doorjamb with my elbow on the way out.  After I sat a few minutes rubbing my sore arm, I turned the key in the ignition and the only response was a loud click!   Have you had days like that?   Fortunately, mine are few and far between!   As I sat there fuming and wondering what else could possibly go wrong, the above quoted verse from I Peter came to mind and I quieted myself and said a brief prayer.  I wish I could report that my car, given a second chance, turned over and started but that didnt happen.  But what did happen was that a sudden sense of calm came over me and I chuckled at my morning ordeal deciding that the rest of day would be surely better!


         Upon arriving at my office instead of trying to catch up with the events of the day, I took out a sheet of paper and divided it in half.  On one side I listed my problems and concerns and on the other the numerous blessings that I experience daily.  I quickly discovered that the blessings greatly outnumbered concerns and reflected on what had consumed most of my energy up to that point in the day.  Abraham Lincolns well-known quote came to mind:  Most people are as happy and content as they make up their minds to be.  Closely related to Christian happiness and contentment is the determination to live a life of praise to God and the simple process of comparing the number of our problems versus our blessings will quickly reveal that we have many reasons to give praise!


          Further the enumerating of our problems and concerns will indicate that frequently there is little we can really do about most of them.  Yet, which often takes up the greater share of our time if we let them?  We often fret and stew over situations that we can do little about.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives of our lives, we should daily seek fresh reasons for praising our Lord.  May our prayer become:  Help me, Lord, to focus on my blessings and learn to turn my problems and concerns over to You.  Amen