READ: I Thessalonians 5:1-15



“But encourage one another daily…”  Hebrews 3:13  (NIV)



      A visit to a local fish market provided me with insight of what happens as new Christians try to fully live the “new life” of Christ.  As I wandered around the market observing the various types of sea

creatures, I noticed a barrel containing crabs in a corner.  The barrel was uncovered and just as I approached it, one of the crabs started to crawl up the side of the container and was about to escape over the edge.  I alerted the manager that one of his captives was making a getaway.    He replied, “Oh, it will be okay, just watch.”  I was surprised to see just

as soon as the  crab neared freedom the others grabbed him and pulled him back down into the barrel. 


      I suspect that new Christians and maybe not so new Christians often encounter the same plight.   As they try to live the Christian life, old associates attempt to pull them back to their previous life style.  Unfortunately, it is much easier to cope in the secular world; often one can get by doing “what comes naturally” rather than what our Lord expects us of us.  Hence, it is vital that we provide encouragement to believers by seeking to provide involvement in the various activities of the church and the Christian community to promote their escape   from those who would attempt to pull them back to their “old ways of life”.