READ: Psalm 100



“If in your lifetime, the only prayer you offer is thanks that would suffice.”  Meister Eckhart




We are basically a polite society.  However, often our “thanks” is merely a gesture and not a heartfelt response.  Do these lukewarm expressions of gratitude carry over into our giving thanks to the Lord?  Is our “thankfulness” often a prelude for our real agenda; a polite way of leading up to our true purpose, which might be, “By the way Lord, I would really appreciate if You would ______?  Why does Scripture frequently remind us to give thanks? 



Basically, the giving of thanks should not only be a reminder of what we have already received, but also serve as a effective antidote to reducing anxiety over our present concerns.  Our degree of thankfulness often is a reflection of the degree of the surrender of our life and will to the Lord.   If we believe we are in control, then we have little to be thankful for as we did it!  However, a review of what God has already done in our lives should result in developing a sense of security as we more fully appreciate that He is in charge.