“Don’t grumble about each other, brothers.  Are you yourselves above criticism?  For see!  The great Judge is coming.  …  [Let Him do whatever criticizing must be done].” James 5:9 (TLB)


Have you ever had the experience of seeing a constant complainer coming towards you and felt like looking for a place to hide rather than taking a chance that he/she might spoil your day with numerous laments or might you be the person from which others would like to hide?


Think about it: Grumblers suck -- the life right out of you!  They also don’t contribute much happiness to our day.  It is therefore up to each of us to rise above those who seemingly thrive in making others miserable!  How might we do this?  Since the seeking a hiding place is seldom a viable option, a more practical tactic needs to be found.  However, first of all, we need to recognize that no one can make our day miserable without our permission; we are in control of how we react!   Think about this the next time you encounter the bearer of gossip, smile and turn off your hearing aid!  If we make it our life’s mission to be happy, then we need to stop wasting our time listening and/or responding to grumblers and other negative people.  When we dedicate our life to protecting and preserving our own happiness, we will cease to be an attractive candidate for the spreaders of bad news.  We need to resolve that we will not let anyone’s negativity drag us down and extinguish our rays of hope and happiness.  The most effective weapons in fighting back is often to smile and walk away!