READ:  John 4:  34-38



A riddle, “What can we freely give but can never receive?”  The answer is: our time.



          The words ‘tithe’ and “tithes” appear over thirty times in the Bible, so tithing must be very important.  Further, many sermons have been preached on the subject and indeed it is a responsibility of all believers.  Although finances are important to any organizations, one wonders if they are the most important.  It seems quite easy to satisfy the requests of the numerous charities by sending a donation.  But does Jesus’ teaching seem to emphasize more than filling an offering envelope or writing a check?  Such acts do not seem to demand too much of us!



          Christ’s message seems to be not just to tithe our money but also our time.  How much of our day do we devote to the Lord and His works?  Do we meet the ten-percent criterion or is our devotional time limited to a couple quick prayers?  What about our acts during the day, how may they reflect Him and His Love?  As we fill our pledge cards, may we ‘set aside’ not only our monetary offerings but also concentrate on also tithing our time.