READ: LUKE 11: 5-8


“Because a friend has arrived at my house and I have nothing to offer him.” Luke 11: 6  (NEB)


         We often speak of the power of love.   In one sense this is true. And yet this truth has its limitations.  At times the strongest love may be totally inadequate.  A spouse might be willing to exchange his/her own health

to restore the well being of the mate, but is unable to facilitate the sacrifice. The host at midnight was most willing to give his friend bread, but he had none.  It was this sense of inadequacy that sent him out to ask someone who would be able to provide it.  This same sense of inadequacy gives strength to our interceding for others.


         When we get to the point where we have to admit ‘I have nothing to offer’, that is when we become more ardent and focused in our petitions and like the host in the parable will be persistent in our prayers.  However, often through this persistency and the delay in obtaining a response to our pleas, we will begin to ponder if we really desire what we are asking for.  Perhaps it is as St. Augustine observed, “We pray not in order to change God’s will but to change our will in conformity with His”.