READ; John 12: 1-8



“How can I repay the Lord for all His goodness to me?”  Psalm 116:12



The story of the woman and her container of precious perfume has always fascinated me.  In eight brief verses the Apostle John tells us of the resurrected Lazarus dining with our Lord; Mary anointing Him with an expensive fragrance; Judas lamenting that the money spent for the perfume could have been better used to provide for the poor; the gentle rebuke of our Lord and his comment that Mary’s deed would be long remembered.  Her generous gift prompted me to wonder if I would ever have an opportunity   to show my love for our Lord by giving Him something that I really cared about – not just an ordinary offering but something that was really important to me.


    It occurred to me that each of us probably has a container of perfume, something precious to us that would cost us something   to part with.  It may not be anything of great monetary value in the worldly sense and actually is really a return of that given by Him.  Each of us has been given specific gifts – and each of us is unique.  Some people are gifted in music, others in speaking.  Some are gifted in working with people and in listening to or in caring for others.  Numerous people are skilled with hands, in craftsmanship, or mechanics.  Many have been given creativity and patience and work well with children or with the elderly.  Everyone has gifts and talents – some may be hidden, but they are there!   Whatever the gift, it forms the basis for our gift to Him by using it to serve others for His glory.



    Giving our “gift” may mean serving someone who does not appreciate our offering.  It is fairly easy to serve a grateful person, but it is difficult to be a servant to someone who does not appreciate our beneficence.  Think about it.  Are we willing to freely give our container of precious perfume of time, talent, or comfort to our Lord through others in need of it?