READ:  Hebrews: 12: 7-11


“Pain often serves as God’s megaphone.” C. S. Lewis


Even as I was falling, a thought flashed through my mind, “This is stupid!  How could I have been so clumsy as to miss that angled step?”  My fall consisted of tumbling down a partial flight of stairs and landing on my shoulder and rib cage.  I knew I was hurt but my first rational thought was, “How can we continue our trip unless I am able to drive the truck towing our fifth-wheel trailer?”  This was followed by a silent prayer, “Please Lord, do not let my injuries be incapacitating!”


I reflected on the many instances of immediate healing recorded in the Gospels but that didn’t prove to be my lot.  However, an essential element in my faith is the concept that events often happen in our lives that are designed to help us learn necessary truths.  After my wife wrapped my chest area with an Ace bandage for support, we were able to continue our trip even though the pain continued.


While recovering from my injured, I pondered as to what lesson could be gleaned from my accident.  So far I have identified the following:  1.  To better appreciate my  usual daily pain-free existence.  I had taken being pain-free more or less for granted and tended to avoid people who complained of their aches and pains.  2.  I have gained a greater appreciation of how injuries or other ailments make even the seemingly simplest tasks difficult.  3.  I was forced to depend on other people to assist me with some everyday tasks, this was difficult for me as I was a very independent person and frequently would reject help.   4.  Further, I realized that in a blink of an eye, my physical state could be altered and I could become less able to cope with everyday events I had previously taken for granted.


So my injury was not without benefits and I have learned to better appreciate my good health and well being and to be more sympathetic and helpful to those who have physical limitations.  Perhaps, the major learning has been in increasing my patience,  not only with the healing process but also with others who have physical limitations.  Thank You Lord for these important lessons.  Amen