READ: MATTHEW 13: 14-17


“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears that fail to hear?

 Mark 8:18 (NIV)


          After several years of urging by my family members, I finally gave in and was fitted with hearing aides.  Of all the sounds in the environment that were new to me perhaps the most surprising was the sound of foot steps., not  only my own but those of others.  I wondered how often in life unless we are spiritually attuned do we miss footsteps indicating His presence as we traverse down life’s passageways..


          Along with the sound of footsteps I found myself surrounded by a cacophony of sounds as each noise was magnified to the same amplification regardless of its source.  This profusion of competing sounds caused me to reflect how often the noise of the world drowns out His voice.  Do I really seek to hear the Word or do I keep my spiritual hearing aide set on low because I am engaged with so many other things?  Perhaps, more importantly, although I may not hear, does that mean that He isn’t trying to establish communication with me.  I am reminded of a verse of a poem by Anne Johnson Flint:


          He’s helping now-this moment,

                    Though I may not see it or hear,

          Perhaps by a friend far distant,       

                    Perhaps by a stranger near,

          Perhaps by a spoken message,

                    Perhaps by the printed word;

          In ways that I know and know not

                    I have the help of the Lord.