READ:  Romans 1: 18-20


“The heavens declare the glory of God;

And the firmament showeth his handiwork.”  Psalm 19:1 (ASV)



          Most of us, who are a bit older eventually are introduced to bifocals.  They, like many other things in life, require some “getting used to”.  Perhaps you recall the first time you ascended or descended a stairway wearing a new pair and were unsure where the next step really was.  For those readers who are not at that stage yet, bifocal lens consist of two sections, one portion permits one to more clearly see distant objects and the other corrects close up vision problems.


I wonder if our Christian journey is like the lenses in our bifocals.  As newcomers to the faith we usually see our Lord at a distance doing the acts described in the Gospels during biblical times.  However, as we mature as believers, we learn to use the other portion of the lens and see evidence of Him close-up all around us. 


Paul, in Romans, stresses that man has no excuse for not believing in God as nature reveals His majesty.  However, we know many non-believers exist in our society, maybe even in our own family,  Perhaps one of the problems of not seeing His presence in our daily walk is our tendency to blame God for bad things that happen and ask, “How could a loving God do this?”  Then when good fortune comes our way, we attribute it to good luck alone.  Maybe we need a vision check                 to ascertain that both portions of our lens are in proper focus.  Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is available to help us adjust our vision problems if we request His assistance and we don’t even need an appointment.