“When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was thrown into an uproar. ‘Who is He?’ the people asked.”

Matthew 21:10 (TEV)


The crowd on that first Palm Sunday was made up of all kinds of people.  We do not know exactly who they were, but if we were able to ask them, “Who is that man riding on a donkey?” each person or group would probably give us a different answer.


The residents of Nazareth might say, “That is Jesus the carpenter.  Somehow he got the reputation as able to perform ‘miracles’, but he wasn’t able to do much when he visited here.”


The scribes and the Pharisees would probably say, “He is a dangerous man.  He associates with sinners and doesn’t even honor the Sabbath.  Further, He teaches people that they don’t have to obey the rules we painstakingly developed to help them more fully understand their obligations in accordance with Torah.”


Lazarus would say, “This is Jesus, the man who brought me back to life!”


Pontus Pilate might say, “I have heard numerous reports concerning him.  I would like to have a chance to talk with him.”


Zacchaeus would say, “This is my friend, Jesus.  This man spent time with me and completely changed my life.”


The man who was blind from birth would probably say, “I don’t know the source of His power.  All I do know I was blind and now I can see.”


Peter would say, “This is the Messiah, who has come to restore Israel!”


God did say, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him!”


Each person or group would have identified Him in accordance with their own experiences with Him.”


Based on your own relationship with Him how would you respond to the question, “Who is He?”


PRAYER: “Dear Jesus, You strive to be our brother and friend.  Help each of us through our relationship with You to answer the question, ‘Who is He?’ We ask this in Your precious name.”  Amen